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Welcome to i-cleaning

Southampton and Hampshire cleaning services for wheelie bins, windows, conservatories, drives, patios, guttering, industrial and commercial.

We have the tools for the job, whether it's wheelie bin cleaning with our waste management system, to gutter cleaning with our specalised gutter vacuum system, we can get the job done.

So let the sunlight in, the patios gleam and say good bye to wheelie bin smells.

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Driveways & Patios

Driveway & patio cleaning

Our specialist system restores your driveway and patio to its original colourful state, removing any grime and dirt that has built up over the years of use. All ma...

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Windows & Conservatories

Window & conservatory cleaning

Our ionised pure water cleaning system ensures a smear free shine without the need for chemicals. The extendable pole system gaurantees no window goes...

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Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bin cleaning

We use a state of the art enviromentally friendly bin cleaning system, that ensures all waste water is re-captured & filtered by our automated system. This ensures no...

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning

With our specialised gutter cleaning system, we are able to remove all unwanted moss, leaves and dirt build up from your guttering and then refresh the..

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Industrial & Commercial

Industrial commercial cleaning

We offer a price per job or monthly subscription cleaning service for industrial and commercial premises. Cleaning wheelie bins and windows with our...

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Contact i-cleaning

Contact us today via our on-line form or by phone. We're ready to quote you or book you straight in to get your cleaning carried out ASAP.

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